Camera - Human Sized

Hand built camera large enough to climb inside, generates photographic prints up to 64x30"

Commission for the Arts Collection - The University of Salford

4 large format photographic prints.

Digitally c-type prints from original silver gelatin paper negatives

3 print made using the human sized camera

1 print made by converting a room into a large camera obscura

3 of the final prints for the commission from the human sized camera

The human sized camera set up during the photographic shoot

Final prints for the commission using the room/camera obscura

The camera obscura set up during the photographic shoot

Installation shots of the Final Prints

Shifting Perspectives Exhibition

23rd May - 2nd August 2018

New Adelphi Gallery

Salford University

What's in Store Exhibition

Saturday 20 May – Sunday 19 November 2017

Salford Museum & Art Gallery

Taking the Leap

Photofairs - Shanghai

Friday 20 – Sunday 22 September 2019

Current Installation

The University of Salford - School of Arts & Media

New Adelphi Building

Commission for The University of Salford Graduation Ceremonies 2018

1 large format photographic prints made with the human sized camera

A copy of this print was included with the scroll with all graduating students from The University of Salford in 2018.