Set of 29 prints.

Silver Gelatin Prints. Recycled Brown Card. Typewriter. Hanku. Mount Board. Red Ink.

Edition of 1

304 x 252mm

2016 - 2019

Arranged & collaged negatives and Haiku Poems

Sourced negatives and haikus, selected and grouped in to threes, cut up and re-arranged creating both new new negatives and haiku poem


Tomorrow’s image;

latent. Yesteryears papers;

fogged. Present empty.

Half time, slow movement.

Faces amongst surfaces.

Double time, eroding.

I go,

Ten paces –

Entrusted to me long ago

Emerging a perfect Sphere,

There is nothing,

At Autumn’s twilight.

The train passes

Without thinking of transience

As evening Falls

The pine-tree of Karasaki

Fills the empty vault of heaven

Falling down the rain pipe

Silent flowers

The host, the guest

That trod the fallen petals

As we grow old

Our minds are now

In loneliness

The beginning of autumn;

the swift years

Between hill and boat

The one I yearn to meet

Floating on the waves

Was lost in the mist.

Such stillness –

Stands unswayed

Dead end streets.