angus carlyle, chrystal cherniwchan & craig tattersall

'non mountain

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24th November 2023

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A collaboration with Angus Carlyle and Chrystal Cherniwchan.

Chrystal Cherniwchan, Teaching Fellow in Photography at Salford University. 

Her creative work uses photography, video, field recordings, text, and voice in her practice, and considers her projects to be speculative in the way they sit in-between the binaries that still prevail in the discourse around documentary image/sound making. 

Aiming to create hybrid forms, she likes to test and experiment with digital and analogue captures to see how malleable and stretchy processes can be and take them to a place of 'becoming'. She often uses landscape as a stage to perform and/or appropriate narratives that exist within a place, often pointing towards memory, agency, gender, and class, and is interested in our entanglement with nature.

Angus Carlyle, Professor of Sound and Landscape at UAL and a member of the research centre CRiSAP. 

His creative work shifts between a documentary impulse and a more poetic register, deploys experimental writing and compositions based on field recording, often in collaboration with others. Initially the project started as a response to a soundtrack and text by Angus from his collaboration with Chiara Caterina, in which they referenced a passage from the novel Mount Analogue by René Daumal: 

For a mountain to play the role of Mount Analogue, I concluded, its summit must be inaccessible but its base accessible to human beings as nature has made them. It must be unique and it must exist geographically. The door to the invisible must be visible. 

(Daumal 1952/2019: 43) 

Through Daumal’s writing and quoting on previous work that Angus created, a mapping started to unfold, built around layers of interpretation, iteration, and construction.

For this exhibition we wanted to bring together both projects to create a speculative geography around collaborative responses with text, photographs, sound, objects, and film through interpretation, iteration, and retracing a cartography of paradisiacal desire.

Daumal, R. (2019). Mount Analogue (R.Shattuck, Trans.). Exact Exchange. (Original work published 1952).

project credits:

angus carlyle, craig tattersall & chrystal cherniwchan - all artwork and audio

The source material was created by Angus Carlyle for two films with Chiara Caterina, ‘Il Vertice’ (2013) and 

‘Into The Outside’ (2015), part of his larger project ‘In The Shadows of Silent Mountains’.

The soundtracks have been reworked and responded to for this collaborative project ‘Non Mountain’.

The subtitle texts from ‘Il Vertice’and ‘Into the Outside’ were translated from English to Italian and spoken for 

‘Non Mountain’ by Alessio Sancetta.

mastered by miles whittaker

umbrella publishing 2023

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