the reference library

e and i ‘an inch of air’

The Reference Library 01

format : cd

1. tiniest smile

2. the incredible softness

3. an inch of air

4. fingers of april

5. known things

6. timelessness and time

7. balloonman

8. november sunset

9. a perhaps song

10. a stranded star

11. flight in the blue

12. in the last light

edition of 100

running time 58min 28 sec


track 3. an inch of air


track 5. known things

being ‘quiet rain’

The Reference Library 02

format : cd/dvd


1. particle stream by Being

2. particle stream remix by the humble bee

3 - slideshow of underwater photography


1. quiet rain by being

2. quiet rain remix by the green kingdom

3. quiet rain remix by the boats

edition of 100

cd total running time 26 mins 36 secs

Box contents

Hand Made Cardboard sleeves with bamboo paper wrap around.

DVDR (PAL all region), contains 2 films and a slideshow

CDR (contains 3 tracks).

1 x giclee print of photomicrographic coral section on Somerset Velvet watercolour paper.

set of 4 digital prints from underwater photographs on 190gsm rives blanc paper.


track 1. 'quiet rain' by being


track 2. 'quiet rain' remix by the green kingdom


track 3. 'quiet rain' remix by the boats

1. particle stream by being

2. particle stream video rework by the humble bee